This morning we had a meeting with representatives of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (better known by its acronym in English, IUCN), which brings together the world’s most influential organizations and the best experts in a combined effort to conserve nature and accelerate the transition to sustainable development.

The aim of this meeting was to present the activities that the project promoters have been carrying out for years and which we are now continuing within the framework of the FIP BLUES project, as well as the challenges that the surface longline sector faces every day in the extractive activity, in the commercialization, etc.

The IUCN representatives highlighted the importance of this type of actions and thanked the promoters for the initiative to invite them to learn about the project. They also expressed their interest in learning acquiring from the progress and results of the project as well as in establishing a FIP BLUES – IUCN collaboration both to carry out actions within the framework of the project and to present this experience in other countries and forums where IUCN is working.