The president of the Port Authority of Vigo, Jesús Vázquez Almuíña, held a meeting this morning with the heads of the producers’ organisations representing the surface longline fishery and the most important companies at Community level in marketing and processing, to discuss the “FIP BLUES” fisheries improvement project and to learn more about the achievements made.

“FIP BLUES” is a project that aims to accredit both the fishery and the marketing of species caught by the EU surface longline fleet as sustainable and respectful of the marine environment. To this end, for the first time, it has managed to bring together the sector producing and marketing these species, which represent more than 90% of Community catches (124 vessels) and 80% of the supply chain in the EU.

The relationship of the Port Authority of Vigo with this project dates back to the beginning of this initiative since, in June 2019, with the collaboration of the Port Authority of Vigo, the action plan of the project was presented at international level in the port facilities. This action plan pursues five main objectives, based on ensuring a responsible and sustainable longline fishery: the development of a catch and management strategy; providing reliable data to the international scientific community; increasing the coverage of observers on board vessels; improving scientific knowledge of the fishery; and making the commitments and efforts of this fleet and industry regarding the conservation of marine ecosystems visible and transferring them to public opinion.

Support from the Port of Vigo

At the meeting held this morning, Vázquez Almuíña agreed to continue supporting this initiative, considering it to be of great importance for the sector, but also for the Port of Vigo, where this fleet unloads.

In this sense, both parties agreed on the importance of sustainability and transparency in fishing and in the fish that is unloaded in the Port of Vigo. For this reason, the Port Authority offered the support of the institution over which he presides in the dissemination and international support of this initiative, as the Port of Vigo has a great international image thanks to its relationship with the FAO.

For this reason, the Port Authority of Vigo has offered to introduce this initiative and the projects generated around it within its Blue Growth 2021-2027 strategy, as well as to support the promoters in the fulfilment of its objectives.

Finally, both parties have agreed to make progress in the design and development of a joint action protocol.

The Port of Vigo has worked in recent years to make its fishing port one of the most transparent and sustainable, and any initiative coming from the sector in this sense is welcomed with open arms and will have the full support of the institution.