The Project

FIP BLUES is a Fishing Improvement Project for the Swordfish and Blue Shark Fisheries promoted by 4 producer organizations and 14 companies, these latter constitute the National Association of Commercializing Companies and Transformers of Highly Migratory Species.


(90% catches of the EU fleet)


(80% of the EU supply chain)


(95% of the EU in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean)

FIP BLUES Includes the development of improvement projects for the stocks of 6 fisheries:


North Atlantic Swordfish and Blue Shark EU Longline

South Atlantic Swordfish and Blue shark EU Longline

Eastern Pacific Swordfish EU Longline

Western Pacific Swordfish EU Longline

Pacific Blue shark EU Longline

Indian Ocean Swordfish and Blue shark EU Longline


Stakeholders meeting

Stakeholders meeting

FIP BLUES, the new project promoted by the association ANECTEAM, OPROMAR, ORPAGU, the Lugo Fisheries Producers Organization (OPP-07 Lugo) and the the Producer Organization of Freezing Vessels of Merlucides, Cephalopods and Miscellaneous species (OPPC-3), seeks the...

FIP BLUES presentation in Conxemar exhibition

FIP BLUES presentation in Conxemar exhibition

The Conxemar exhibition, due to its multisectoral and international nature, was the setting chosen for the presentation of the first global project for improvement in shark and swordfish fisheries. It is a pioneering initiative promoted by the 4 fishery producer...

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