SUSTAIN HOOK is the communication program of the work carried out in fisheries sustainability by the FIP BLUES promoters, with the objective of communicating to all stakeholders the work performed and planned for the future through the Swordfish and Blue Shark Fishery Improvement Project.

Based on this program, a series of informative videos on this initiative have been developed, as follows:

The importance of FIP BLUES lies in its commitment to the sustainability of resources, based on the representativeness of its fleet worldwide.


The FIP BLUES consortium develops a wide range of actions aimed at improving the management of swordfish and blue shark fishery resources as part of its commitment to resource sustainability.

FIP BLUES has identified different stakeholders in the development of the improvement project such as public administrations, research centres, environmental NGOs, entities representing the fishing sector,… Here is the testimony of some of them.


On July 5, the “Sustainhook” Webinar was held to present the FipBlues project to the members of ICCAT Subcommittee 4.